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Act Now! Newsletter 01/2019

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This internal newsletter is meant to inform you about the recent developments in the Act Now! project. Besides event reports and side information, you will also find the most important dates and deadlines in the newsletter.

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Review of the "Energy efficient cities" conference in Gdynia

The first international conference held by Act Now! and its partner project LowTEMP in Gdynia (Poland) in October aimed at filling the “action gap” between CO2 reduction strategies and real greenhouse gas emissions. The conference explicitly wanted to contribute to the question: “How to put energy efficiency plans and concepts into action?”. [Read more]

Upcoming events and deadlines
Feb, 18th-20th 2019, Berlin (Germany): Expert partner meeting on major budget change
Apr, 2nd-3rd 2019, Vilnius (Lithuania): Steering committee meeting (all partners)
May, 5th 2019: Deadline partner report for reporting period #3 (Oct, 10th 2018 - Mar, 31st 2019)
Oct, 1st-2nd 2019, Sonderborg (Denmark): 2nd Act Now! transnational conference and steering committee meeting (all partners)
Nov, 8th 2019: Deadline partner report for reporting period #4 (Apr, 1st 2018 - Sep, 30th 2019)
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A multi-pillar concept for energy efficiency – Gdynia leads the way

Gdynia is a dynamically developing medium-sized polish city situated at the Baltic Sea coast in the Pomeranian voivodeship. It is widely known as one of the eco-friendliest cities in Poland due to its high standards in energy efficiency. To remain a forerunner in this field, Gdynia. Among other activities the citizens’ education and information, a sustainable public transportation and the promotion of energy-efficient road lighting play a key role in this context. Since almost 20 years, Gdynia is also providing subsidies to its residents for the installation of solar collectors, heat pumps, photovoltaic panels and wind power turbines as well as for modernization of solid fuel heating to district heating or gas. [Read more]

Schedule for regional workshops

Regional workshops are an integral part of the Act Now! project. They play a key role for the capacity building process in the municipalities, which is a main aim of the project. Every partner will organise three such events.

Date & place
Jan, 29th 2019, Sonderborg
1st regional workshop "management of energy consumption"
Jan, 19th 2019
1st regional workshop "energy management systems"
Mar, 14th 2019, Ylivieska, Centria Auditorium
1st regional workshop "energy management and bulletins on Act Now! mesaures, goals and public funding possibilities"
Jan, 31st 2019, Bremen, Hochschule Bremen
1st regional workshop "energy management"
Feb 2019, Riga1st regional workshop "enhancing energy efficiency capacities in Latvian municipalities and consumers"
Jan/Feb 2019
1st regional workshop "energy management in municipalities"

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